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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I join the RedLine family?
  2. How is a RedLine experience and different from other companies?
  3. Do you provide on-ice hockey instruction?
  4. What type of people are at RedLine training?
  5. Are there any pre-requisites before starting?
  6. What is a typical training session at RedLine?
  7. Do I need to be fit before starting?
  8. What do I need to bring with me?
  9. Are all classes inside the gym?
  10. What can I expect in terms of goals and targets achieved?
  11. When can I expect to see results?
  12. Can I bring a friend to a class?
  13. Do you have a missed class policy?
  14. What about payment types?

Why should I join the RedLine family?

"Train - Replenish - Recover - Train HARDER!"

You should join us if you're serious about making a commitment to improving your health / life. Our programs work! We've had numerous success stories with all ages. You'll become part of a RedLine family in a positive, supportive atmosphere with other like-minded participants who are interested in getting in great shape and improving their health. Everyone at RedLine are about making sure that you have a great experience, getting fit while having a lot of fun!

How is a RedLine experience and different from other companies?

"You care about each individual and it shows"

Fitness is not simply a business or past time for us, it's our passion! We're constantly learning, upgrading and seeking out new information about developments in the industry, by attending workshops and seminars to share knowledge with our clients. At RedLine, we'll push you, while focusing on building up slowly and safely. "You get great results, which is exactly why RedLine is for you!" We keep a low client-to-trainer ratio, and our overall group class sizes keep the same type of small ratio so that everyone gets the attention they need! And, at RedLine, we will not yell and scream to push you through drills so that we rush through your progress. But, we are sticklers for technique and form. Our goal at RedLine is to ensure that everyone reaches their health and fitness goals and continues to exercise each day, injury-free!

Do you provide on-ice hockey instruction?

"Every Shift - Every Shot!"

At RedLine we have partnered with ES Hockey Training for all on-ice skill development and conditioning. The ES Training Mission statement is very clear; The goal is and always has been to provide top quality hockey instruction in a supportive environment that allows for development and refinement of his or her hockey ability. This is accomplished by placing emphasis and refinement on the importance of individual skills, fitness and good character. Teaching player respect and the importance of 'Every Shift / Every Shot' mentality to all players that step on the ice.

What type of people are at RedLine training?

"RedLine Conditioning experience is for everyone, young and old"

People just like you, someone who needs to shake up their fitness program, those that prefer a group environment, and/or those that want access to the knowledge and skill set of a personal trainer. Our clients range from individuals that have never participated in a structured exercise program to those who compete professionally. But, the majority are somewhere in between. From young to old, weekend warriors, to professional athletes at all levels and sports, RedLine Conditioning will put the positive energy into a highly personal training program for all. Athletes are very goal driven, they work hard to achieve their goals, and after they've achieved a goal, they set new, loftier goals. It is for this reason that athletes are fun to work with. We realized that we can train everyone like we train our athletes. All you need is to be goal driven, hard working and have the will to work through some challenging RedLine training sessions!

Are there any pre-requisites before starting?

"At RedLine they took things slow until I was ready"

If you're new to exercise, or haven't been physically active for a long period of time, you should consult your physician prior to starting any fitness program. Once you've been given the green light, each NEW client must attend a Pre-Training Orientation Session prior to attending a workout class at RedLine. You'll be required to complete necessary paperwork (registration forms, health questionnaire and waivers) and be provided with an initial orientation of the facility. As well, if you want to be able to measure your fitness/training improvement, we will encourage every to have our Fitness Assessment completed (circumference measurements, waist-to-hip ratio) and measure your body fat percentage to get an idea of what your starting point is in your training. When your assessment is completed, these measurements can be taken again for post-session comparisons. These measurements and all other personal information will be held in strict confidence.

What is a typical training session at RedLine?

"The trainers knew when to push us to do our best"

RedLine training classes are designed to include both cardiovascular training and strength training. Cardio activities can include cardio circuit courses, obstacle courses, fitness drills, skipping, step-ups, and jogging or power walking, all of which have a high and low impact option. Resistance training will include dumbbell exercises, medicine ball training, resistance bands/tubes and callisthenics (push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, squats). Every class begins with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down stretch to prevent injury.

Do I need to be fit before starting?

"Trainers helped me understand how to start and what to do"

Definitely NOT! All RedLine workouts are designed to help you get in shape. Our program is designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Our clients range from all ages, with every level of physical ability, size and shape. Our trainers will modify exercises for those who may not be able to fully participate in some of the exercises. The safety of all participants is essential in all aspects of our programs. It's extremely important that all participants listen to their body and only perform what they are capable of doing. Our programs are structured for all participants to work at their own pace. However, everyone is encouraged to work hard!

What do I need to bring with me?

"All I did was show up ready to work - RedLine took over from there"

At RedLine we supply ALL the equipment used during our workouts. We have fitness equipment for all types of training needed inside the gym and out. So, all you need to bring is sufficient water to rehydrate as necessary, and good quality running shoes. If you've got all that covered, the only other requirement will be that you show up with a positive attitude.

Are all classes inside the gym?

"They never let us plateau in our training - always a great motivation"

A majority of our in-gym classes are held in our RedLine facility. In addition, depending upon demand, we also train outside utilizing a different approach. We choose public parks and spaces that are usually within close proximity to our training facility. Hill running for strength and endurance along with a change of pace can effectively enhance training for everyone.

What can I expect in terms of goals and targets achieved?

"The nutritional information and the 1 on 1 personal touch, really set RedLine apart from the rest"

If you consistently attend, follow a healthy balanced diet and put in the effort, you will lose fat, strengthen your muscles and/or move closer towards reaching your goals. You'll notice an increase in your daily energy levels and a dramatic improvement in your cardiovascular fitness level. Our programs include a multitude of exercises and activities that will help firm your muscles and increase your stamina, endurance, and balance. By increasing your metabolic rate (metabolism), you will lose fat and increase your lean body weight (muscle mass). The goal is to improve your fitness capacity. You'll also share the experience with other like-minded people who want to make healthy lifestyle changes and get amazing results just like you. You will become part of a family that has the same overall goal!

When can I expect to see results?

"RedLine helped me track my progress"

Depending on your commitment level, nutrition and effort level, your performance can improve right away. We've had clients that are surprised to see a reduction of several percentage points in their body fat, and a loss of several inches, during their first 6 weeks. You can too! But, remember, the more consistent you are in attending class and following the clean eating nutritional guidelines, the better your results will be! Check out our testimonials page to read what others have said about their experiences.

Can I bring a friend to a class?

"You guys were great! Always positive and encouraging, you made it fun and exciting"

Unfortunately, we don't normally permit others to join the class (drop in or attend with a friend) unless they've already taken classes with us and are knowledgeable about our practices. To minimize the possibility of injury, we always ensure that participants are using proper form and technique. However we do encourage "word of mouth" testimonials. Please tell your friends and family about RedLine. Have them sign up for our 1 week FREE trial. This way they get the attention needed to start off on the right foot, with the attention needed to create a safe environment for them and to others.

Do you have a missed class policy?

We expect clients to attend the classes they signed up to attend. But, if you have to miss a class, we'd really appreciate an email or phone call as soon as you know you won't be able to attend. We may need to alter the planned workout based on the reduced numbers and/or there may be other clients, who've missed one of their classes and wish to attend an alternate class. However, we also try to be as flexible as possible to ensure that you don't miss out on the workouts you've paid for. So, if you sign up for a morning class but miss that one, you can usually join us for an evening class. But, if those classes are full, it may be more difficult to catch up. As well, if you sign up for a consecutive Training Session, we'll permit you to carry over the missed classes to the next Session.

What about payment types?

Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard, cash, or personal cheque (payable to RedLine Conditioning). Payment in full is usually due prior to attendance at your first workout.