Why Join our Team !

Workouts are personalized to suit each person's specific needs

Each individual will be evaluated and a personalized program will be created to suit specific needs and goals. The program will be explained in detail by your personal trainer so that everyone understands.

Motivation and Goal setting

At RedLine you will be motivated by everyone to be better - period! The atmosphere and team setting will encourage everyone to tackle the daily program. Your personal trainer will help you establish and achieve goals and targets.

Efficient use of gym time

No more wandering around the gym not understanding what equipment does what. Your personal program will be outlined, explained and shown to you by your trainer.

Tracking of data to ensure goals are being met

Goal setting and targets are great to talk about, but how do you know how far you have come. Trainers at RedLine will show everyone how to track their progress so that targets can be achieved.

Use of effective partner assisted exercises

The gym and facility at RedLine is always full of energetic and compasionate people that will help join in on small group sessions. Trainers are always nearby on the floor to help in any assisted types of training.

Set appointments help with personal scheduling of workouts

Getting to the gym is everyones hardest things to do. Having set appointments will help everyone get into a daily/weekly schedule of routine.

Ensures proper form and technique are always maintained

Trainers at RedLine will ensure proper form and technique will be followed through everyones program. If anyone is unsure, trainers will be more than happy to help you understand the form and technique, and how you can improve.

A bit about our RedLine team...


Redline Conditioning offers a wide variety of services to both athletic and adult populations. We offer team-training, one-on-one instruction, small group training, on-ice skill development, off-season athletic development programming, in-season strength maintenance, technique development programs and adult fitness classes for males and females. Our coaching staff takes pride in making sure each athlete is provided the opportunity to fully unlock their potential.

RedLine Conditioning

All of our services are geared towards athletes of all age groups, from minor atom to professional athletes. We offer one-on-one initial assessments and movement screens to ensure that each athlete is getting a program catered to their specific needs and genetic makeup. We mold and develop fully-functioning athletes whose goal is to perform at the highest level.

Redline Conditioning takes pride in being the best strength and conditioning facility in the tri-cities area. We are the official strength and conditioning provider to the Kitchener Rangers, Kitchener Dutchmen, and Kitchener Minor Baseball. Our staff combine an extensive knowledge base with detailed and selective training principles that allow the athlete's potential to become fully unlocked. Combined with an unparalleled environment, Redline is the perfect environment for athletes of all ages, ranging from novice through to professional athletes of various sports, who are looking to become fully functioning, top-of-their-game athletes.

At RedLine we want you to achieve your full potential. To peak at the highest level in sports you can reach or be fit and living your life to its fullest. Our innovative training programs will push you to your limits and get you RESULTS! As an industry leader in the development of health and performance, we are dedicated to motivate and inspire you. We strive to build enthusiasm and continuously improve in all that we do for you. RedLine is driven by integrity, teamwork and hard work.

Why you should join the: "Redline Family"?

Everyone can benefit from Redlines motivating atmosphere / community environment! (#RedlineFamily) Our Redline members are all shapes/sizes with different levels of fitness. Research shows that when you work out and train with friends, you train harder thanks to the dynamic of a group setting. For the seasoned athlete or for those new to exercise, Redline can help you achieve a level of physical condition and sense of self that otherwise may not be realized. We will help you reach any weight loss goal, aid in rehabilitation, build strength, manage stress and increase flexibility and range of motion. The list is endless.

Meet the team...

Here is a quick preview of the team at RedLine Conditioning


Brandon Merli - Owner / Director

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Ian Schnarr - Head Strength/Conditioning

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Stephanie Merli - Owner/Director

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